Libby Franck: Storyteller


Libby Franck is a New England based storyteller.  Her tales, historical and fantastical, celebrate the triumph of the human spirit through courage, wit, tenacity and trickery.

Her programs feature folk tales and legends of strong women as well as notable heroines of history.

The Framingham History Center commissioned her to portray local women – Dr. Miriam Van Waters, suffragist Josephine Collins, poet Julia Ward Howe, and reformer Mary Ware Dennett.

Her CD Women of the Sea  contains two swashbuckling tales .

 The Girl from Botany Bay
Mary Bryant, a British convict from Cornwall,  was sent to the penal colony in Australia in 1789.  The brutal conditions awakened in her a surprising courage and fearlessness. She led the only successful escape from Botany Bay.  Her fantastic story has a surprising conclusion.

Fearless Pirate Maids
Two unconventional women – Anne Bonny, a plantations owner’s spoiled daughter, and Mary Read, a disguised soldier in the English army, by chance sailed on the same pirate ship. Their bold, bloody deeds of plunder and murder culminated in a a spectacular trial in Jamaica in 1721.