Agnes Surriage

Libby Franck as Agnes Surriage

Agnes Surriage, a Marblehead fisherman’s daughter, captured the heart of Harry Frankland, an English baronet, in 1742. Taught to become a genteel lady, she scandalized Colonial Boston as his mistress. They entertained in their splendid manor house in Hopkinton and visited his English estates. In Lisbon Agnes finally became Harry’s wife and returned to Boston in triumph as Lady Frankland.

“Libby’s ‘Agnes, Cinderella from Massachusetts’ is an accurate and engaging performance of our local legend. This is an Agnes with the true Marblehead spirit of intrepid determination, independence and fierce family pride.”— Fred Bauer, Marblehead Historian

“Libby Franck gave a spellbinding portrayal of Agnes Surriage at the
Ashland Historical Society . This well researched performance was
funny, animated, romantic, but most of all, human and believable”—Cliff Wilson, President, Ashland Historical Society