Mary Ware Dennett – Survivor of Scandal, Agent of Reform

Libby Franck As Mary Ware DennettWhile living in the Dennett enclave in Framingham*, Mary had to face public disgrace as her husband Harley Dennett, architect and philander, pursued his “soul mate” Margaret Chase.  After nasty divorce trials to win custody of her two young sons, Mary turned to her New England Roots as a fearless reformer for the betterment of society.

Her causes included the Arts and Crafts movement, Women’s Suffrage, World Peace, and Birth Control.

Mary was nearly torn apart by two Margarets – Margaret Chase her husband’s “soul mate” and Margaret Sanger who would allow no other voices to be heard in the battle for Birth Control.

*The Dennett Enclave on Gates Street in Framingham included:

The stucco house with the four story square tower built by Mary’s architect husband Hartley Dennett.  1903 (On the house tour in May and currently being rennovated)

65 Gates RoadThe Rugg-Gates House and Dennett workshop (renovated and built 1906) where Hartley’s brother Vaughan lived and created fine Arts and Crafts furniture. (Recently demolished)

The Annie O. Dennett House built for Hartley and Vaughan’s mother. (1910) (Renovated by Staples as Corporate Center for training)