The (so-called) XBHS Jam Band II  

The 60 PARTY (Retrospective)

Proud Lake State Recreation Area

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Noon to 6:00

** A Re-Gathering **
** A Cooperative Event **

  60 Party Group Photo near end of event  

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60 Party Live Music Videos!  

The 60 Party included a unique gathering of great musicians jamming for a few hours on the cabin deck, overlooking the water.  Fortunately, we came away with some really cool audio/video recordings, most of which are shared via the links below, by song, in no particular order.

Although completely unrehearsed, due to the excellence of our musician friends, the music was great.  We all enjoyed the jams greatly, and were/are very grateful to our friends for jamming for us so well and for so long, and for all it took to make it happen. 

These live recordings have pretty darn good sound quality, often excellent (and have been a lot of fun to listen to repeatedly in pulling this page together!). With the camcorder sitting on a table, mostly without supervision, mostly from a single angle, the recordings periodically include people walking by, talking, etc., and the view simply wasn't wide enough to include all of the musician most of the time.  But they are cool to see and really sound quite good!

Please note that we are trying to protect people's privacy. If you were recorded and have any reservations about the recording beling posted/shared, please let me (SG) know. All comments are welcome. [After going back and forth a lot, wanting to post as much as possible of the videos/music, always concerned about people's privacy, an adquately conservative (while still sharing) solution is to substitute audo-only recordings for video recordings where there is any potential concern about (someone's privacy). In any case, if you do see anything that concerns you at all for yourself or others, please do let (me) know via ("Contact Us").

Following are (almost all of) the videos from the 60 Party, with Jeff, Rick S, Paul I, Greg M and/or Danny F (the XBHS Jam Band II, as it were...). Just keep scrolling down and you'll be able to hear (and usually see) the jams, should be about 25+ tracks.   [The large files may or may not load very slowly for you, but they do work great on cell-phones, etc.  The first couple are short recordings; if they don't work for you, the others might not either...PLEASE let (me) know if they don't work for you [so (I) can try to figure out what to do...].

(Clicking on either the photo, or the underlined red text to the right of it, should work).] 

First a short one, Blackbird:

Click here to see/hear "Blackbird" by the XHBS Jam Band IIBlackbird

Here is an interesting interlude with a couple quick Spanish/classical pieces...

Click here to see/hear "(couple classical Spanish pieces" by the XHBS Jam Band IIAnother short one, a couple classical guitar bits

Following are the longer songs, w the Jam Band, much larger files, hope they work for you...

A nice instrumental version of "Badge"

Click here to see/hear "Badge" by the XHBS Jam Band II Badge

A very nice and unique version of "You shook Me"

Click here to see/hear "You Shook Me" by the XHBS Jam Band IIYou Shook Me, by the XBHS Jam Band II: Click Here!!

Here's a very cool version of "Superstition", with a pretty good video view throughout.

Click here to see/hear "Superstitious" by the XHBS Jam Band IISuperstition, by the XBHS Jam Band II, featuring Jeff, Rick, Paul, Greg and Danny

Another cool version of a classic, Key To The Highway (but this is an audio-only version)

Click here to see/hear "Key To The Highway" by the XHBS Jam Band IIKey To The Highway (audio only)

Here is an eastern-sounding, almost haunting, version of the classic Blind Faith tune, with many great moments (but some issues, so this is the semi-controversial abridged version; probably my favorite recording from the event), Can't Find My Way Home:

Click here to see/hear "Can't Find My Way Home (abridged)" by the XHBS Jam Band II Can't Find My Way Home (w great string trio improve by Jeff, Paul and Rick); abridged version...)

                                      Click here to hear the unabridged, audio only version. 

Here is the first song played at the 60 Party, the most excellent "Freeway Free Jam"

Click here to see/hear "Freeway Free Jam" by the XHBS Jam Band II Freeway Free Jam

The classic, Baby, Please Don't Go...

Click here to see/hear "Baby, Please Don't Go" by the XHBS Jam Band IIBaby, Please Don't Go

"Travelin' Down South"

Click here to see/hear "Travelin' Down South" by the XHBS Jam Band IITravelin' Down South

The classic, Sunshine of Your Love

Click here to see/hear "Sunshine Of Your Love" by the XHBS Jam Band IISunshine of Your Love (re-edited 11-28)

Who Knows (slightly trimmed version):

This should be a pic of the whole band Who Knows (slightly edited)

Roadhouse Blues:

Click here to see/hear "Roadhouse Blues" by the XHBS Jam Band IIRoadhouse Blues

The classic, Crossroads

Click here to see/hear "Crossroads" by the XHBS Jam Band IICrossroads

Another classic, Eight Miles High

Click here to see/hear "Eight Miles High" by the XHBS Jam Band IIEight Miles High

Locomotive Breath

Click here to see/hear "Locomotive Breath" by the XHBS Jam Band IILocomotive Breath

These are all classic...Little Wing

Little Wing

Strange Brew

Click here to see/hear "Strange Brew" by the XHBS Jam Band IIStrange Brew


Click here to see/hear "Something" by the XHBS Jam Band IISomething

Jeffrey, Where You Hidin'? (a JG original)

Click here to see/hear "Jeffrey, Where You Hidin'?" by the XHBS Jam Band IIJeffrey, Where You Hidin'?

Feelin' Allright

Click here to see/hear "Feelin' Allright" by the XHBS Jam Band IIFeelin' Allright

Long Distance Call

Click here to see/hear "Long Distance Call" by the XHBS Jam Band IILong Distance Call

Dock of the Bay

Click here to see/hear "Dock of the Bay" by the XHBS Jam Band IIDock of the Bay

As Tears Go By

Click here to see/hear "As Tears Go By" by the XHBS Jam Band IIAs Tears Go By


I/we hope you enjoyed these! (Sorry; meant to add a little more narrative to the intros for these...maybe later?...or was it refreshing for me to be so light on the text?!  Comments are welcome, pro or con. (Lot of good music there, eh?!)


Thanks, again, guys (and gals)!