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The 60 Party (2014)

The 55 Party (2010)

The 50 Party (2004)

(+ Class of '72 Reunion (2012); other stuff...)

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  55 Party, "XBHS Jam Band I"  

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Party Central/Home Page (Work in progress...(still?!)

This immediate purpose of this (updated, humble homemade) website is to share photos and recordings from the 60 Party (held August 16, 2014) at Proud Lake State (Michigan) Recreation Area.  This (now sprawling) website also includes pictures and music from previous reunion-type events.  It is definitely a work in progress (by an amateur, and in fits and starts)... [It was previously used in the lead up to the 60 and 55 Parties and, in the event of an upcoming event of significant magnitude, could easily be adapted (for, say, some hypothetical mega-party in 2017, or whatever...).]

The 60 and 55 (2010) Parties, like the 50 Party (2004) before them, convened out-of-doors, at State Parks/Recreation areas and were unique, cooperative events (as described on the respective webpages for those events). The latter two of these events had the added bonus of great live music by our most excellent musicians/friends.  Much of that excellent music is presented within this website (as individual music videos mostly). 

Presenting...!  Photos and music, organized by party/reunion (60, 55 and 50 Parties, 40th Reunion), then by type of materials [photos (by photographer), or music (by artist for the 55 Party only).  Access index pages for the music and photos via links in the menus along the left side of this/each webpage.

For your convenience(?!), following is a link to the 60 Party main page, and following are the links to index pages for the photos and music video recordings from the 60 Party.  ["Warning"...many of these pages and links (such as music videos) may open very slowly due to the large size of the files; sorry, not corrected yet...any feedback could help in figuring how to improve (whatever).]

To go back in time...go to the 55 Party main page for the main page links to photos and live music recordings from the  July 31, 2010, at Kensington Park event.  The 55 Party Pictures are organized by photographer; following is a link to the index page for the pictures (click/press here).  The 55 Party Music is organized by artist/group; here's a link to the index page for the 55 Party Music  [click/press here).  From there, the live music recordings are presented by artist/group, with links for a separate page for each [chronologically, the Front Street Blues Band w Greg Manning, Jan Krist, and the XBHS Jam Band (with an esteemed cast of thousands).]

To go further back in time...just because...a webpage was also added for the The 50 Party held in August 2004, at Kensington, including an index page of pictures.

In the sharing spirit, also, is a webpage regarding the BHS Class of '72's 40th Reunion (Aug 2012); here is a link to a page for the BHS Class of '72,.  This webpage was just started recently (kind of an after thought while updating things here, and, not finished), with links to the website made during the lead-up to the 40th Reunion (Aug 2012) and releated event/pictures/info/etc.  That website (from 2012, and free, via Weebly)  includes a Class of '72 pictures page, with pictures from previous BHS '72 Class Reunions, as well as some pictures that were posted on FB from the 40th Reunion events. The Class of '72 website also includes a page dedicated to those who, sadly, are no longer with us.  Now, this website (here) also has a similar page (with just their names and class pictures) for those former classmates.

Re FB...In addition, here is a link to a FB Group page created for the "Berkley High School Reunion Class of 72". [FYI, people are free to post (whatever relevant stuff there may be to post...).]

And... here is a link to the FB Group page for the "60 Party 2014" [with selected pictures and music videos from the event (and where people are also free to post  additional party pictures, comments, ideas, etc...)].

FYI:  There are also pages for TMI (regarding this website..., privacy, etc.), a contact us page, and an additional links page (placeholding at this point, except for the TOC, which has links to every page on the website).

TMI Alert: (You are likely to find "TMI" most anywhere on this website...including below...)

TMI re 23 Why?!  In the interest of brevity, please refer to the "TMI" page...for that and other too much TMI...

Truly, THANKS SO MUCH to ALL who helped pull in the same direction for (the 60 Party and previous) events, including simply attending; the fact that the event(s) was cooperative in nature made it relatively easy and quite fun for everyone!

(Thanks also for bearing with the "stream-of-consciousness" style.) 

I hope you enjoy the (materials)!

-Steve G.