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BHS Class of '72

40th Reunion (and other events)(Retrospective)

Embassy Suites Hotel, Livonia +

Saturday, August 18, 2012 (weekend)

** An Official Class Reunion! **

** and other Reunion Weekend events **

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BHS Class of '72/40th Reunion Events (work in progress...)

The 40th Reunion was held in Livonia at the Embassy Suites Hotel, on Saturday, August 18, 2012.  The weekend's events included a limo to (and gatherings at) a Marshall Crenshaw (Class of '71) concert in Downtown Detroit at the Riverside on the night before the Reunion, various events on the day of the Reunion, and a picnic at Star Jaycee Park in Royal Oak on the day after the Reunion. 

This page provides links to a website created for the Class of '72 during the lead-up to the Official 40th Reunion (August 2012), and a links to the associated Group page created for the (Reunion/Class/etc.).  Click here to go to the main page of the website made for the BHS Class of '72 40th Reunion.  It includes pictures from the 40th Reunion events (click here to go to the wepage for pictures from the 40th Reunion weekend), as well as from previous official Class Reunions.  It also includes a page dedicated to those who, sadly, are no longer with us (click here for the webpage for those who, sadly, are no longer with us). [OK, here is a test page, trying to recreate the latter page on this website.)

In addition, a FB Group Page was created during the lead-up to the 40th Reunion, "Berkley High School Reunion Class of 72", where people posted a bunch of pictures before and after the events, and even a couple quick videos from the Reunion itself. [You just have to scroll down far enough on that FB page...(it goes on seemingly forever, so it could take some patience, but there were a LOT of cool postings there)... Only a relatively few of those pics were (borrowed) from FB for sharing at these outside websites (no time alotted for tasks, etc.); so, IF you want more, you'll have to go there and scroll down...]  

[FYI, the FB Group Page was created for the use of the Class of 72(+), so feel free to post (whatever relevant stuff there may be to post regarding the class/reunion/future/other events, etc...).  A lot of pictures from the 40th Reunion were posted on the Group Page by alums, including some videos people took at the party.] 

The 40th Reunion Weekend included a limo to and gatherings at a Marshall Crenshaw (BHS Class of '71) concert in Downtown Detroit at the Riverside on the night before the reunion itself.  (The additional links page has a link to Marshall's website.)

The Reunion itself included a wonderful short set of live music from Jan Krist and her husband, Alan Finkbeiner, as well as a surprise (to most) parade/performance by the then-current BHS marching band, and many nice touches organized by the reunion committee (Andi, Barbara, Bob, Cheryl, David, Debbie, Lynn, Sandy, "and the rest").  (The additional links page has a link to Jan's website, as does the page within this website dedicated to Jan's wonderful performance at the 55 Party.)

To top off the festive weekend, there was a nice (but BYO) picnic at (Star-Jaycee) Park in Royal Oak, on the Sunday afternoon after the official reunion, including some friends who didn't make it to the reunion itself.

(To be added to this page:  a bunch of pictures... later...) But, for now, here is a pic borrowed from FB, of a classic moment from the 8-18-012 40th Reunion event, when the "surprise" BHS Band march-through was in progress...

 The 2012 BHS Marching Band




FYI:  For privacy purposes, attendees' full names are not used (except for those no longer with us) and email addresses are not posted on this website, and they are avoided on FB. The "TMI" page discusses privacy efforts.