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Too Much Information! (Work in Progress!)

Why a "60" Party? Why a website?? Why 23Parties???  Just for's simple (enough).

Pre-TMI TMI:  This page exists because I tend to be too wordy and/or to want to explain too much , as this sentence, in itself, proves beyond doubt..(and it made it easier to cut stuff out if I could store it here, as we are going back right now to delete some crap from certain pages...).

Purpose: The original idea for this website was to provide a mechanism for us to participate in an organized way (2010), not necessariy relying on FB (some of us don't like it for privacy considerations).  So that no one (hopefully) had to prepare or do too much on the day of and leading up to the event, the idea was to have an up-to-date table on-line, showing who was bringing what, to help organize volunteers as much as possible, as well as provide basic info, directions, etc.  People could check in, offer to help in the most fun/beneficial way(s), etc.  (It was cool to be able to click on my smartphone and pull it up at Costco on the night before the event, so that gaps could be filled...) Now it's primary purpose is to provide photos/music from that and other events. (In the future, it could, theoretically, be used for another party.)

Originally small and free via Comcast, the party website grew after the 55 Party, with space for videos limited (greatly inadequate to cover the 60 Party), and then with Comcast ending their offer of free website hosting, with the Weebly website free but frustrating to manipulate, a new setup was needed for (me) to continue this hobby of posting videos/photos/info (away from FB).

The 60 Party recordings were via a camcorder left on a table near the group (and the 55 Party recordings, from a much greater distance, bug-on-a-wall-style) placed so as to avoid people tripping on cables, as unobtrusively as possibly, and some talking was picked up by the mike from time to time, including/especially by those who (understandably) had no idea a recording was being made.  The main idea was to at least capture the audio for reference; the video is a bonus, even if the camera angles were not always optimal, etc.  Therefore, the recordings/videos very much have a live/party feel; the live/party atmosphere, etc. will be evident on most tracks. Sometimes the view of the band was inadvertantly blocked (as we didn't make a point of making sure people knew a video was being recorded, etc.). musicians and/or audience participants, some of whom may unknowingly been recorded (or photographs) If there are any recordings or pictures that have portions that should be edited out for privacy or preference, please let (me/us/SG) know!

If anyone has any pictures to share...we would/will be glad to update the website with them!   

Too Much TMI:  You may think that someone went to way yonder too much effort for a little picnic.  Well, maybe, when it was first developed (in 2010 in the leadup to the 55 Party, and into 2011 to rework it to display pictures, music and videos from the 55 Party), but this humble/rough website exists because (the Instigator) wanted to learn something about making websites, so it was fun and instructive.  There wasn't nearly as much to figure out to modify it for use associated with the 2014 event, and it made total sense to do that. Similarly, for posting videos and pictures from the 60 Party, no major advances were required...  It's been fun figuring out what I've figured out so far (obviously barely having scratched the surface of design/display potential...).  While consolidating into this new website, it made sense to include what I had readily available from the 40th Reunion (2012).  More will likely follow, as I have a bunch of pictures saved up from when I was pulling together the photo scrolling that ocurred at the official reunion...  In the meantime, I have posted here a page with photos of those who, sadly, are no longer with us, as I believe there are people who visit that page every day on the weebly website.

Per the original webmaster (the pro), we have attepted to live by various policies related to protecting everyone's privacy, as follows:

PRIVACY:  One of our goals while developing this website was to protect each person's identity and privacy as much as is reasonably possible and yet still make available the information folks might legitimately want to view here. So, we want to clarify on this page exactly what is going to be done with the information collected, how long it will be kept, etc.  We also want to discuss any "privacy rules" we have established with your privacy in mind for this website.

Cookies: This website does not use "cookies".  (We do not create them even "temporarily".)

Databases: There are no online databases. The party coordinator uses/used registration forms and an attendee information summary spreadsheet as needed in order to organize and coordinate everyone's efforts.

Email-IDs are part of your "online identity".  We take this seriously and we hope you do as well. So, we have established these policies:

We will not publish your email-ID.  Also, we ask that you do not enter anyone's email-ID on FB. 

We will not share anyone's email-ID without their prior permission. However, if you would like us to provide someone's email-ID, we will request permission to do so.  Please use the Contact Us page's link for the 60-Party coordinator to make these requests. If you do so, we will assume you are authorizing us to send at least your email-ID to that person, yet we might only send a message to the other person and ask if we may provide their email-ID to you. If this takes longer than you might expect, or doesn't work out, please don't take it personally.  People are busy, check email at different rates and have different levels of risk aversion.  Hopefully, you will be able to meet up at (the next event or whatever) and trade all sorts of information privately and with mutual knowledge/consent.

Other Personal Info:

Your name: We will not publish your full Last Name (unless you request it). However, we may (unless you request otherwise) publish a "Last Name Hint" (up to 4 characters of a Last Name may appear) so that people who know you might be able to "guess it".  (Note, this was more applicable in the leadup to the 55 and 60 Parties, in keeping track of who was coming and what they were bringing/doing.)

If you do not want your Last Name Hint (or even your first name) to be published: Let us know ASAP and you will be listed however you request, ASAP, and/or as (something completely anonymous).

Personal addresses, phone numbers, etc. will not appear on this website.

What we do with the information you provide:

Before the party: The information you provide to us (usually via the Registration Form and email) will be used to organize the party. We do not ask for any information that we do not think might be important for this party to be a great success.

After the party: The 60 Party coordinator will retain a list of people's names, email-IDs, and how they volunteered to help, as applicable.

If you do not want the 60 Party coordinator or Webmaster to save any information: Feel free to request that we not retain even your email address. You can make this request via the Contact Us Page, etc.

AND...extra too much TMI...

TMI re 23 Why?!  As indicated above, the days of having a free website via Comcast are ending in a month or so (and we were running out of space anyway), originally developed in the lead-up for the 55 Party, so we finally had to pay for the (now sprawling) website... A new domain name was required and was selected (to be concise, for once...)..."and here we are"...   The purpose of the website going forward is to continue to share photos and live music videos from the events.  (Hypothetically, when a future reunion-type of event is instigated...this website would/will provide an easy way to facilitate it.

Re the primitive nature of the website:  Even though at this point (I) just can't make this website look as cool as I could imagine, it's been fun to figure out how to do this much, as a means of sharing photos/music/videos, etc., with more freedom, privacy and control than afforded by FB and other websites, and I look forward to gaining more skills, time permitting, etc.)

(Unfortunately, expertise with drop-down menus is still lacking...but is definitely on the short-term hit list...)

P.S. Extra TMI/Personal Note: This website exists because (sg) wanted to learn more about websites and, leading into the 55 Party, it was very useful  for the event (with the handy internet/smart-phone-based summaries of who was bringing what, etc.), and it was relatively easy to modify for the 60 Party, for which it was also VERY useful at critical moments. This has kind of become a sprawling website, with pictures/music+ from 4+ events as this point, but hopefully it has been left simple enough to be user-friendly... I think it's cool/useful to be able to post pics and videos, and be 1-2 clicks away at any time from showing (whatever) to (whomever), and not (be subject to FB considerations).  I am also working on a family website and websites for a friend or two...and also a website for Realizations Consulting Group (for my fledgeling company, a mechanism for working on inventions/products and services under contemplation).

Thanks to all who helped pull in the same direction for this (and previous) events; the fact that the event(s) was cooperative in nature made it relatively easy and great fun for everyone (hopefully!)!

(Thanks also for bearing with the "stream-of-consciousness" style.) 

I hope you enjoy the (materials)!

 Steve G.


Thank you for your interest, understanding, and assistance!