The (so-called) XBHS Jam Band II  

23 Parties...(?!) 

60 Party (2014)

55 Party (2010)

50 Party (2004)

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  55 Party, "XBHS Jam Band I"  

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Additional Links Page ("Placeholder" page - work in progress...forever??)

The purpose of this page is to provide additional links to stuff people might be interested in. It will start by sharing links to other websites created (by sg and others).

[For now, this is really just a placeholder page...not much to see here, but it does provide a list of every page associated with this website. 

Following is some low-hanging fruit...


Here is a link to the page about Proud Lake from 2014, in case you want to go back...(click here to go to the Proud Lake Page).

Here is a link to the page about Kensington Park from 2010, in case you want to explore or return...(click here for the Kensington Park Page).

(will add more...) in the is a link to Marshall Crenshaw's website.


(Just decided that this page should include all the website's pages listed in the TOC., I counted and there are 23 pages in this website...!)