50 Party Group Shot  

The 50 Party! 

Kensington Park

August (remind me), 2004

** A Cooperative Event **

** Retrospective **

  50 Party group picture  

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The 50 Party! (Main Page - TEST - work in progress...)

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The purpose of this page is basically to provide this link to the index page for the 50 Party photos...which can be done now, so here it is...

Following is a link to a page of pictures from a similar event, The 50 Party, held in 2004 at Kensington Park, in the same location as the 55 Party. To see pictures from the 50 Party/2004 (from Bob W, Dave A and Martin): (click/press here for the index page)

Following are a few selected photos from the 50 Party, including a few who weren't able to be with us in 2010 (Gary, Sheri, Dot, Waz, etc), or who are no longer with us (Dinah; so sorry to report).

Char and SheriDot!

Toni, Waz, Randy, DanGary and Murray



This party had a tremendous feel and energy to it.  Nice to be outside on a perfect weather day, great to have so much help (esp from Fern and Tom), but it was, most certainly, the people that congregated that made it so very cool.