The (so-called) XBHS Jam Band II  

The 60 PARTY!

Proud Lake State Recreation Area

Saturday, August 16, 2014

** A Cooperative Event **

** Retrospective **


  60 Party Group Photo near end of event  

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The 60 Party
(Retrospective/Main Page)

The 60 Party was a unique gathering at/around two "camper cabins" overlooking the water (Powers Lake) at Proud Lake State Recreation Area, adjoining the woods, with a super cooperatively-provided BBQ buffet picnic, and the wonderful added bonus of great live music by our very talented friends.

The purpose of this webpage is to share photos and recordings from the 60 Party (held August 16, 2014) at Proud Lake State (Michigan) Recreation Area.  Use the links on the left or click on the links following in this sentence for the Photos Index Page, and for the Music/Videos Index Page.  (If you were there; you know you are in for a treat in being able to listen more closely than you might have been able to while you were chatting with friends.  If you weren't are just in for a treat!)

Other cool photos were posted on to the FB Group page created for this event "60 Party 2014".  Should you wish to join the group, please go to the page and request to be added. (I/SG can only add people listed as FB "Friends" or people who request to be added.)

AND...Thank You!  As mentioned (all over the place), this was a cooperative event and everyone's contributions made it happen and be as cool as it was.

It was especially great (for us all) to be able to see those who had to travel long distances (and also contributed in various logistically important ways): 

Kevin, Roger, Carol, Bob/Marsha W, Sheree, Paul and Annie, Diane and John, Jeff C, and others...

Special thanks: to Fern for doing so much behind the scenes in the lead-up, ultimately bringing so much, as always. 

To Rick and Nancy for providing the picnic canopy(s), tables, chairs, decorations, party favors, music masterminding, equipment/amplification, etc.

To Mark R for grilling all those burgers all day.

To Jo/Martin/Marsha/Bob/Kevin/Carol/Dave/Greg/Eric/Bill/Caryn bringing so much and/or for covering last minute needs.

And everyone (else) who brought food and equipment and/or made other important contributions.  

AND...Great thanks to Rick, Jeff G, Paul I, Greg M and Danny F for jamming for an amazing few hours; all to our unforgettable delight! 

It was a great team effort with great THANKS to everyone for a most enjoyable gathering! 

Thanks, again, for pulling in the same direction; it was fantastic to have SOOOO much help in bringing/doing everything! 



FYI:  The "TMI" page includes info on the recordings, efforts to protect everyone's privacy, and other (too much) info!