The (so-called) XBHS Jam Band II  

23 Parties...(?!) 

60 Party (2014)

55 Party (2010)

50 Party (2004)

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  55 Party, "XBHS Jam Band I"  

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If you use Facebook (FB), two groups were created to help people keep in touch, first one for the BHS Class of '72, official 40th Reunion (2012), then one specific to the 60 Party in 2014.  They are considered "closed" FB Groups, mostly to keep spammers away, but you can join one or both by requesting to join via the FB pages. Here are links to those two FB Group Pages. 

For the Class of '72:

For the 60 Party

The FB Group Page created for the Class of '72's reunion in 2012 was intended to be available for use by the Class, regarding past and future events, news or whatever.  The FB Group Page created for 60 Party is mostly being used for posting pictures and music/videos from the event.  To avoid seeming obtrusive to members of the "group" by making a bunch of posts [especially so long after the event(s)], I am pointing people to this website if they want to check out more of the music and photos.  [The FB Groups have some additional pictures that aren't here (so far), some cool posts, with the Class of 72 Group also including a few music clips (including the 40th Reunion Choir Reunion, as well as the "surprise" BHS Band march through].

By the way, if you are trying to track someone down, maybe we can help, but we have to respect everyone's privacy.  The default method is, if we are in contact with that person, we can check with them and see if they want to contact you back with the contact info you provide).