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BHS Class of '72

40th Reunion (and other events)(Retrospective)

Embassy Suites Hotel, Livonia +

Saturday, August 18, 2012 (weekend)

** An Official Class Reunion! **

** and other Reunion Weekend events **

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BHS Class of '72 - Sadly, No Longer With Us

[As indicated in the webpage that likely led you here, a website was created for the Class of '72 during the lead-up to the Official 40th Reunion (August 2012).  That website (free, via Weebly) includes a page dedicated to those who, sadly, are no longer with us. This page duplicates that webpage.]

Sadly, the following former classmates are no longer with us...

Larry Amsel
William Beall
Sue Beaudoin
Mike Bonneau
Dinah Bundy
Mike Cloonan
Eli Cowan
Bill Croninger
Susan Darwood
Mark Davis
James Denman
Dennis Donlon
Brad Downey
Bonnie Gibbs
Dan Glucklick
Ed Hammer
Thomas Helbling
Fred Herbst
Rhonda Hicks
Connie Hoemke
Gary Holly (still confirming; see below)
Richard Janney
Irwin Kole
Kenneth Kubiski
Leslie Laucke
Barry Markowitz
Cynthia McMillan
Nancy McNeal
Marty Mertz
Fred Mikula
Mike Miller
Diane Moonen
Leonard Moss
Vince Moyer
Peter Nicholaou
Lenny Porter
Donald Reiff
Paul Renaud
Gerard Riha
Carole Richardson
Marc Robbins
Jack Rosin
Linda Saro
Dwayne Smith
Chuck Stewart
Jim Vahalek
Barry Weisz
Larry Willer
Bill Williamson
Debbie Williamson

If any of this is incorrect, or you know of anyone else, please let us know.

Here is a link to a photo index webpage that provides photos gleaned mostly from BHS 1972 Yearbook of those who we believe are no longer with us. Hopefully we aren't missing anyone and this is the entire list.  If not, please let us know so we can update.

To loop go to the website made for the BHS Class of '72 40th Reunion, Click here to go to the main page.  It includes pictures from the 40th Reunion events (click here to go to the wepage for pictures from the 40th Reunion weekend), as well as from previous official Class Reunions.  It also includes, as indicated above, a page dedicated to those who, sadly, are no longer with us (click here for the Class of '72 webpage for those who are no longer with us).  FYI. 

(In addition, a FB Group Page was created during the lead-up to the 40th Reunion, "Berkley High School Reunion Class of 72".)