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Kensington Park

July 31, 2010

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Jan Krist, Live At Kensington Park! 

As stated previously, we offer our sincerest gratitude to Jan for not only her appearance but her excellent performance.  She travelled great distances under significant fatigue/stress.  Yet, she sounded great.  In tribute to her and her efforts and her excellence, the following page of photos, audio and video is humbly offered; hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks to Nancy for capturing this and many other nice images at the party.

Jan has released about 10 CDs, the most recent of which was Fallow Ground. She plays all across the country. For more about Jan, check out her website by clicking on the following picture, or (click here to go to Jan's website).

View from over Danny F's shoulder...courtesy of Dave A, who always does a great job of photography.

By the way, the accompaniest that Jan had anticipated would collaborate with her at the event, her husband, Alan, was not able to attend, so Jan was going to go it alone.  However, Danny F did ably sit in, jamming-accompanying, on percussion (see above photo).

Following are (audience) audio recordings of Jan's songs.  Although SHE sounds great, the recording picked up considerable audience chatter, as you might expect in the middle of a casual reunion-type picnic, with the microphone sitting on a picnic table in the audience... [Hey, all you audiophiles, musicians, producers, engineers, fans, etc., please just bear in mind that this was a very primitive, largely unsupervised setup.]  

(Editor's note:  All of these performances by Jan, which include great classics and/or originals, sound excellent, even and especially after listening to them all many times throughout all the toying with the files and this website, etc.  Although each song performance sounds wonderful, and I think you should probably listen to all of them in order, you might want to pay special attention to Jan's great version of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine", in part because of her classic ad-lib during the middle of it...)    

If you click/press on the following pictures (or the red underlined text), and wait long enough for the large media files to open (in a new window), you should be able to hear the corresponding songs Jan performed at the party, in chronological order. (However, you may prefer to first scroll down to where video versions are presented for most of the songs.  If the videos don't work for you, these audio files are smaller and will hopefully work.)

Jan singing and playing guitar; wrote the song, too! Flew Away - A nice original by Jan starts things off (click/press here or on the picture to the left)
Jan wrote this great song, it's on her latest CD, Fallow Ground. Guilt and Shame - Another original; very catchy and thought-provoking (click/press here or there)
Jan does honor to this great classic. Both Sides Now - An all-time classic; perfect cover with Jan's twist (click/press here or there)
Jan does honor to this great classic. I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Listen for Jan's great ad-libs during the middle of this.) (click/press here or there)
VERY Sorry the beginning is missing... Song for the Hard Times (so sorry; the beginning of this, her last song, was missed due to an ill-planned/poorly-executed tape change.  Most regrettable.) (click/press here or there)

(Folks, these usually seem to play for people but, this was all, admittedly, quite crudely done and there are several potential issues, including but not limited to the fact that the audio/video files are very large and will likely open very slowly for you.  You may have to authorize your computer to open the file.  They will probably open in another window. To get back to this page, you may have to click on your "arrow-back" icon...  You might have to have certain widely available free software for the files to play.  If it doesn't work for you...please contact us.  But, if this all works, you should greatly enjoy these recordings...!) 

Here's Jan on-stage at the magnificent Spring Hill "C" Shelter!


Well, turns out there isn't enough space on this little free website to fit all of the videos at the same time...  (For now, there will at least be one video from each of the three sets of performers, and more will be fit in as space/time permits.)  Expect the videos to open very slowly because the files are so large*, depending on your equipment, they may open VERY slowly.  

The basic video recordings of Jan were from a picnic-tabletop perspective, without even zooming/unzooming. However, there is fortunately one exception, from a different, hand-held video recorder; a portion of the classic Both Sides Now.  Since it is the highest quality of the available recordings, we should probably start with that.  After that, the videos are presented chronologically. (Please be patient while the file loads...)

Thanks, Nancy, for this video, from which this snapshot was captured. Both Sides Now (joined in progress), with a nice hand-held recorder view, and probably better sound (click/press here or there).

Following are the documentary-style, "picnic tabletop" video recordings of Jan's performances (as no one was recruited to manage the cinematography, as including party recordings on a website was certainly not being contemplated at the time...):

Click this photo to view video of Flew Away. Flew Away - (Please be patient while the video loads!) (click/press here or on the picture to the left)
Click this photo to view video of Guilt and Shame. Guilt and Shame - note great scathing political references (click/press here or there)
Click this photo to view video of Both Sides Now. Both Sides Now (complete, but table-top view):  (click/press here or there)
Odds are good that you will enjoy this... I Heard It Through The Grapevine, (click/press here or there)

[Please understand...regarding the recording conditions during this ultra-casual even, a camcorder was turned on and basically just left on a picnic table, to "document" the event, away from the stage, with people walking in front of the camera much of the time (like to/from the food tent), with everyone chattering away, all as one might expect, but obviously not condusive to ensuring high quality audio/video recordings...a little too casually managed in this case...]

FYI, the audio files are very large (9+ MB), and the video files are about 4 times bigger, and it seems to take a long time for them to load (seems like about a half-minute+ over here...), the media files now open in new windows, with audio showing as a small progress bar and video opening in a small frame view, and some computers may have difficulty getting through the video.  [Sorry; haven't figured out how to make the video display larger yet, but still intend to...] 


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