50 Party, "XBHS Jam Band I"  

The 55 Party! 

Kensington Park

July 31, 2010

** A Cooperative Event **

** Retrospective **

  55 Party Group shot  

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55 Party Pictures (Index Page) 

Several people were kind enough to take pictures and permit their use here; THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!  If you would like any pictures removed for any reason, please (contact us).  (All the pictures are grouped by photographer.) 

Here are links to the index pages of pictures, by photographer (click on their pic to see a page of thumbnails of the rest of their pics, and you can go through them sequentially or selectively ...):

Dave's view of the greeting zone... For Dave A's 55 Party pictures:  (click/press here or on the picture to the left...)
Nancy's view of part of the group shot For Nancy's 55 Party pictures: (click/press here or there)
Gotcha back!! For Greg S's 55 Party pictures: (click/press here or there)
Brian and Larry grillin' it all great! For Brian S's 55 Party pictures: (click/press here or there)
Paz! For Greg & Claudette's 55 Party pictures: (click/press here or there)
Diane and Dan For Diane & John's 55 Party pictures: (click/press here or there)
Jane, Joanie, Bill, Diane For Andrea S's 55 Party pictures: (click/press here or there)
Murray and Gary

Not to confuse you, but, following is a link to a page of pictures from a similar event, The 50 Party, held in 2004 in the same location. To see pictures from the 50 Party/2004 (from Bob W, Dave A and Martin): (click/press here or there)

Following are a few selected photos from the 50 Party, including a few who weren't able to be with us in 2010 (Gary, Sheri, Dot, Waz, etc), or who are no longer with us (Dinah; so sorry to report).

Char and SheriDot!Toni, Waz, Randy, DanDinah

Thanks again to everyone.   

[Hey, here is a link to a short video taken during the party's group photo session...fun to hear the crowd sound; thanks for this, Nancy!]

These pop-up message are potentially cool, but...these must be used for purposes of good and not evil... To see a 20 second group photo session video clip (click/press here or there...)


(For your convenience...following is another set of links to the various (55 Party mostly) pages, with photo pages organized by photographer/subject, etc.)

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